This story first appeared in the Jan. 30 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Chris Albrecht, Starz
Kent Alterman, Comedy Central
Sarah Barnett, BBC America
Matt Cherniss, WGN America
Charlie Collier, AMC
Susanne Daniels, MTV
Bob Greenblatt, NBC
Cindy Holland, Netflix
Dirk Hoogstra, History
Dave Howe, Syfy
Larry Jones, TV Land
John Landgraf, FX
Susan Levison, VH1
Michael Lombardo, HBO
Chris McCumber, USA
David McKillop, A&E
Gary Newman, FOX
David Nevins, Showtime
Mark Pedowitz, The CW
Ted Sarandos, Netflix
Rob Sharenow, Lifetime
Nina Tassler, CBS
Dana Walden, FOX

If I could swap jobs for a day with someone else in this industry, I’d pick

COLLIER I’d do nighttime as David Letterman because I’ve always wanted to host a talk show. I’d then do daytime as Ted Sarandos, so that the morning after my show, I wouldn’t have to share how I performed.

SARANDOS Lorne Michaels.

ALBRECHT Reed Hastings.

HOOGSTRA Michael Lombardo [because of] the budgets HBO has, and the brand.

GREENBLATT Les Moonves, for the paycheck!

DANIELS Tina Fey or Adam Levine. It’d be fun to be a judge on The Voice for a day.

LEVISON Bonnie Hammer.

JONES Chuck Lorre.

NEVINS Lucian Grainge.

TASSLER Bonnie Arnold at DreamWorks Animation.

LOMBARDO Lorne Michaels.

WALDEN Les Moonves. It would be good to be king!

ALTERMAN Ed O’Neill because of his TV marriage.

MCCUMBER I’d like to run Nielsen and figure out a better system.

LANDGRAF Ted Sarandos, so I can find out how many people are watching his shows!

The move by one of my competitors that most impressed me this past year was

ALBRECHT How many different categories HBO could get True Detective in.

HOLLAND Amazon making Transparent. It’s a wonderful series.

COLLIER Serial, by WBEZ. In this day and age, never did I think I’d be answering a question about “competition” with radio call letters. Well done.

BARNETT Not giving out live-plus-same-day ratings, which began with FX.

JONES NBC doing a live musical was very risky. It took a lot of balls to do that, and the first one paid off.

WALDEN Giving Thursday night to Shonda Rhimes.

TASSLER Black-ish on ABC. That was a really smart move.

ALTERMAN How FX used The Simpsons to catalyze FXX.

GREENBLATT The launch of Empire.

If I could gather my competitors in a single room, the first topic I’d address is

HOLLAND The combination of the massive number of original dramas going into production and the relative lack of experienced drama showrunners.

NEVINS We could fix the Emmy categories and create more entries and nominees in the best comedy and best drama categories.


NEWMAN Let’s agree on an audience-measurement standard.

HOWE Stop developing genre shows, and get back to procedurals!

HOOGSTRA There’s the DVR, VOD, OTT — it’s this jumbled mess of stuff. I’d want to ask if everyone else was as stressed as we are.

COLLIER Fire exits.

The series I can’t miss (but have nothing to do with) is

SARANDOS Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I watch it live every week.

BARNETT The Good Wife.

SHARENOW Veep. I watch it multiple times, and sometimes I watch it without the sound for the physical comedy.

DANIELS The Mindy Project.

COLLIER Black Mirror.

LOMBARDO I’m always embarrassed to say it, but The Bachelor. I’m a sucker!

PEDOWITZ The Americans.

CHERNISS The Walking Dead.

TASSLER The Knick.


NEVINS Transparent.

HOWE Game of Thrones, of course.

The TV trend I wish would end is

SARANDOS People debating Netflix ratings.

SHARENOW Everyone leapfrogging development, going straight to series and rushing things onto the air. I want to return to a time when you could fully bake something — really kick the tires on it.

BARNETT Fake reality.

LOMBARDO The prepackaged shows that come in with actors, directors, writers — all done in hope of getting more than a script picked up. It doesn’t allow projects to develop organically.

MCKILLOP Declining ratings!

HOOGSTRA Everything is a comic book: TV, movies — it’s too much.

TASSLER The emphasis on 18-49.

NEVINS The incessant search for pre-existing intellectual property. I like writers with an original, closely held idea.

GREENBLATT Dark cable dramas.

The current event or person who would make a good TV show is

SARANDOS A reality show based on Kim Jong Un. People seem to be super-interested in him.

ALBRECHT The Sony hacker, and the subtitle would be Dr. Strangelove Redux.

WALDEN The new Maroon 5 video [for “Sugar”], where they’re crashing weddings.

NEWMAN President Obama.

PEDOWITZ The way the CDC handled the Ebola crisis.

HOWE Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic. That’s a real-life adventure series.

JONES Banksy.

TASSLER Bill de Blasio.

ALTERMAN Bill Cosby.

When this TV season is over, the headline should be

HOWE Are there still seasons?

LANDGRAF This has been the best creative year in the history of television, across the board.

COLLIER Jon Hamm deservingly wins his first Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama series.

TASSLER That there’s something for everyone, everywhere.

NEVINS The all-you-can-eat buffet just became more than you can eat.

GREENBLATT Where has all the audience gone?

NEWMAN Broadcast television is alive and well.

The hardest show for me to cancel was


SHARENOW Witches of East End. My 15-year-old daughter still hasn’t forgiven me.

MCKILLOP Longmire, without a doubt. But I’m happy it went to Netflix, and I’ll continue to watch it.

HOWE Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. It was a fantastic show and the ratings were good, but it was too expensive to be sustainable.

LANDGRAF There have been a lot: The Bridge, The Riches, Terriers, Lights Out.


COLLIER Game of Thrones. HBO wouldn’t let me.

The industry’s comedy problem could be solved by

HOLLAND Patience and trust that the audience will build over time.

DANIELS Unleashing the traditional guidelines for developing and producing comedies. We over-note comedy people, and their ideas get watered down in the stew that’s created by networks, agents and production companies.

LOMBARDO Stop looking at focus groups. It’s not working, so throw it out.

COLLIER Submitting the next seasons of American Horror Story and True Detective as outstanding comedy series.

ALTERMAN I’m not sure whether to be alarmed to learn there’s a “comedy problem” or insulted that cable isn’t considered part of the industry.

GREENBLATT A new generation of great writers.

NEWMAN One big comedy hit.

The project I’d like to reboot is


DANIELS Doogie Howser.

COLLIER Rubicon.

LOMBARDO I don’t think it will ever happen, but Six Feet Under. I don’t think people were done with the Fisher family. I wasn’t.

MCKILLOP Someone should bring The Waltons back. For A&E, it would probably be a crime drama.

LEVISON The Surreal Life.

PEDOWITZ It will probably never happen, but Reaper.

TASSLER I still believe in vampires. If we could do Moonlight again, I’d do it.

ALTERMAN The Walking Dead.

HOWE Spaceballs: The Miniseries.

HOLLAND Wait and see — we’ll probably do it.

WALDEN The X-Files.

HOOGSTRA East of Eden, as a closed-ended TV event.

The genre I’d like to tackle next is

SARANDOS A great multicamera sitcom.

ALBRECHT Musical comedy.

LOMBARDO I look at a show like Black Mirror, and as a total Twilight Zone junkie, I think the true anthology series — where every episode is different but thematically connected — is untapped.

DANIELS Comedy animation.

HOOGSTRA Other dayparts: late-night and Saturday afternoons.

GREENBLATT Live comedy.

TASSLER I still want a medical show.